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World – Airlines need more time to go green

The Cathay Pacific's general manager for environmental affairs said the airline industry will not be able to make itself sustainable for up to 20 years, Media reports. He said airlines needed to look at more than just the most efficient and effective bio-fuel, but also aircraft upgrades and technology, navigation and improved infrastructure.

Scientists around the globe have been researching viable alternative energy sources for some time now, NoticiasFinancieras reports. Brazil, which stood out in 1975 with its National Fuel Alcohol Programme and in 2005 for its pioneering National Bio-diesel Programme, is wielding new strategies in its global offensive for fuels based on distilled agricultural products.

Scientific progress is opening space for agro-fuels to become a new commodity to conquer the global market. To achieve this, Brazil is investing in research that could be the answer to concerns about the negative effects of crop-based fuel production on food supplies and prices, and on the conservation of its Amazon forests. (27 November 2008)


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