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No brainer of the day: Making biodiesel at home is dangerous

While fuel prices are nothing like they were last summer (but they are climbing), there are still plenty of reasons to want to make your own biodiesel. Homebrew biodieselers are, on the whole, a careful bunch and there are plenty of classes available to make sure your mixing of vegetable fat, lye and methanol goes smoothly. Not everyone does it right every time, though, and the Associated Press has found a few incidents of biodiesel makers setting garages and backyards on fire in at least five states (Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Oregon). These fires have not caused any deaths, yet, but at least one home was destroyed - and rebuilding must cost way more, environmentally and financially, than was saved by going bio.

There are few rules against making biodiesel at home, but more might be coming. In Phoenix, Arizona, for example, you need to be on a property that is at least one acre so you're not endangering a lot of neighbors. Just a reminder to be careful out there.

[Source: Associated Press]

But if you want to try making your own biodiesel, I suggest you get this course for at least you know the safety precaution and risk involved before you actually start the process. Read here for more information.


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