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Brazil-Help for family farmers

Petrobras has confirmed that despite a lack of castor oil, it still plans to expand Biodiesel Quixada in Ceara state by 40%, the Dairio de Nordeste reports. The plant is currently using soy and cotton oil.

This week, the president of Petrobras Biofuels signed contracts with six cooperatives in Ceara and Piaui states to offer technical guidance on castor growing to 31,450 small farmers in the region.

Petrobras expects Brazil’s bio-diesel output to rise from 1.2 billion litres to 1.6 billion before the B4 mandate comes into effect. Gazeta Mercantil adds that the company will also help the farmers with storage and transportation, and will ensure the purchase for a five-year period of their crops for prices previously set with the cooperatives. (May 21, 2009)


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