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Much more chances for China-US co-op than conflicts in clean energy

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There is much more potential for cooperation than conflict between China and the United States on clean energy.

Yao Jian, spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce of China, made those remarks on Tuesday in Beijing as a response to the U.S. trade investigation on China's clean energy policy.

"The U.S. has also made its policy on supporting its new energy industry to improve its competitiveness after the global financial crisis," said Yao.

He highlighted that China's clean energy policy is based on the country's strategy of shifting to a more eco-friendly economic growth model, which means a foundation for international cooperation, rather than confrontation.

He criticized those U.S. companies for ignoring their responsibility to protect the environment prompting the investigation for the purpose competition.

He also stressed that China's clean energy policy is in line with the WTO rules and international standards and the government would support Chinese enterprises and guilds to deal with those cases.

Before Yao's comments, Zhang Guobao, head of the National Energy Bureau of China, has also refused the U.S. criticism against China’s clean energy policy, pointing out that the United States has many more subsidies for its own clean energy industry.

The U.S. Trade Representative Office announced on Oct. 15 (local time) that upon the application from the United Steelworkers, it has initiated investigations under the 1301-1310 sections of the "1988 Omnibus Trade and Competition Law" into whether China's policies on clean energy constitute unfair subsidies for Chinese enterprises and at the same time discriminations against their foreign competitors.

An expo for green technology will be held in Beijing at the end of the month, the first of its kind in China. About 60 percent of the 212 enterprises to attend the expo are from foreign countries. As leaders of the sectors they are from, they will take this opportunity to show their products and technologies for energy efficiency, clean energy, environmental treatment and low carbon economy.

Yao hopes that the expo would be a platform where cooperation possibilities on clean energy technology can be exploited by Chinese and American enterprises.

By Li Jia, People's Daily Online

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