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Japan – Test flight completed

Japan Airlines Corp on Friday test flew a Boeing 747-300 jet powered with environmentally-friendly bio-fuel from Tokyo, in the first test of its kind among Asian airlines, Dow Jones reports.

One of the jumbo jet's four Pratt & Whitney engines was powered by a blend of conventional kerosene-based jet fuel and a Boeing Co developed bio-fuel, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions in flights.

The bio-fuel is derived mainly from the flowering plant camelina, which is inedible, making it less likely that its jet fuel application would affect the world food market. Flight Global adds that JAL said its blend was 50% bio-fuel and 50% jet kerosene and of the bio-fuel component, camelina made up 84%, jatropha 16% and algae less than 1%.

JAL’s group president and CEO said that when bio-fuels are produced in sufficient amounts to make them commercially viable, ‘we hope to be one of the first airlines in the world to power aircraft using bio-fuels.’ (30 January 2009)


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